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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

The World Without Us

The World Without Us - Robin Stevenson

Suicide, it’s not a funny subject but something that should be taken seriously. Mel already earned herself the nickname Death Wish, so why she joked about the subject was beyond me but when she meets up with Jeremy and they form a friendship, their idea of suicide was a dark joke.  Jeremy was dealing with some heavy issues at home, his younger sibling had died and his father had then left. Mel is trying to help Jeremy but Jeremy is at a deeper place than Mel. Mel is taking everything light-heartedly, where Jeremy is hurt and his feelings run much deeper than he is expressing. As they stand together, peering over the edge, each of them is thinking of what awaits them should they let go.

I liked how Jeremy was able to talk to Mel about his issues and I thought that helped him deal with them. When Jeremy talks to the child that Mel is babysitting, I thought that was pointless. He really had an opportunity to shine but he just faded out. Mel seemed to be hiding and I really didn’t like her but she did make the book come alive. She looks good to everyone but inside she is crumbling.