Finding Jake

Finding Jake - Bryan P. Reardon

Told in alternating chapters, I was more inquisitive about what was going to transpire in this novel than the suspense that I originally thought this novel would hold. I think it had something to do with the chapters being broken up with the current events being told and then in the next chapter, we flashed back to Jake’s childhood.   There has been a shooting at the high school where Jake and his sister attend; all the parents have been notified via text. Jake’s father, being a stay-at-home father, immediately heads to the high school where he is diverted to an adjacent church to await further instructions. He immediately feels outnumbered as all the other mothers gather and the flashbacks to Jake’s childhood begin. These flashbacks are important to the novel, as they paint a portrait of Jake and his family. The high school students slowly trickle into the church where they are united with their parents, including Jake’s sister where she is ushered home with her mother. Jake’s father is the only one remaining. Jake is missing and the rumors start flying. The gunman is down but an accomplice was seen fleeing the scene of the crime. They say it was Jake. Is there evidence to back this up? Is this just heresy? The guilt is eating at Jake’s father as he wonders, where did he go wrong, as he replays Jake’s childhood in his mind. His father is troubled, the guilt is eating at him, there is no writing on the wall as I read the words the author left for us, yet I am searching for the answer. I need to know.