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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

Black Box

Black Box - Julie Schumacher

We moved into the country last month and this week I have been driving into town every day to sit with my mother as she had surgery on Monday. I decided to try a book on CD instead of listening to the radio during the drive and I am hooked! I listen to my first audio read a while back but I did it while sitting at home and I found my mind wandering of things I should be doing instead of listening to the reader, read.   Listening while driving, this is amazing. I even found myself sitting in the car waiting for the next

chapter. I can’t wait till tomorrow so I can see what is at the library to get for next week.


I found myself laughing and commenting to this CD’s all the way through as this family deals with the affects of depression. I picked this set up at the library on a whim, loving the cover and the fact that it wasn’t too long. There were days I was anxious to get back into the car so I could pick this story back up and other times, I ended up sitting in the car long after I had arrived at my destination just so I could hear more of the novel. Some of the chapters are extremely short but those short chapters pack a powerful punch. As Dora is diagnosed with depression, her family begins to feel the ramifications of this medical condition. Her sister Elena is questioned/harassed by individuals at their school and as she tells the story, the weight of her sister’s diagnosis seems to weigh her down. Their once peaceful household is now home to arguing, irritation and anger. I don’t know whether I enjoyed this novel immensely because it was an audio or because of the emotions and truths that spilled forth from the speakers but the way the author included all aspects affecting this family was wonderfully done. Elena is thrown a lifeline by Jimmy, a boy whose circle she hadn’t ever cross but Jimmy knows things and they way those two connected, it was exactly what Elena needed. This one will stay with me a while.