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Entice - Carrie Jones The drama continues. Zara is on her quest to find Nick since they are soul mates and that is all she can think about. Nick is gone. He has been taken and is now in some magical place called Valhalla which no one seems to be able to find nor do they know how to get to but does that stop Zara, no. She is committed to finding this place and she leaves no stone upturned as she questions everyone she meets as to where to find this Valhalla place. What has happened to our human-pixie Zara is another story too as she has become Astley’s queen. Yes, she has kissed him and how has turned herself into a pixie and is no longer a human. What consequences will this have on her relationship with her friends, her grandmother, her family and Nick if she ever does find him is sticky business but Zara thinks it is all worth it when she finally decides to kiss the pixie king. Zara is all head-over-heels for Nick and that is her only motivation now. The town of Bedford is in shambles as people are missing and the police are confused as to what the problem is. Is it the works of a serial killer on the loose? When will things ever return to normal?This book is fast-paced and I liked how Zara takes off her Nick goggles and refocuses on other issues in this book. She realizes that other things are important in the world besides one person and how her careless actions are affecting others and she needs to consider that. There was so much drama in this book, the pages just flew by and I was totally engrossed and could not put the book down. Cannot wait to read what else can happen to this group of friends and Zara’s family. This is the best of the three books that I have read so far- I’m ready for more.