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You Don't Want to Know

You Don't Want To Know - Lisa Jackson I read 260 pages out of 472 which were 3 days of telling myself it was going to get better but in reality, I was totally bored. I just couldn't do it, I had to pull the bookmarker and call it quits. This book just totally bored me, the repetition and the lack of anything remotely interesting was taking a toll on me. Yes, this is a book by Lisa Jackson and yes, I normally like her writing but this one had nothing to keep me turning the pages. The mystery elements were lacking and the ones that were finally rearing their heads, the drama surrounding them just kept getting repeated and repeated until I wanted the main character to get a notebook so she could write them down so I would not have to listen to her repeat them over and over again. So what happened in 260 pages: Ava's only child is missing, this happened two years ago and this sent her over the edge. To any normal mother, this would seem typical. No body, no motive, no ransom and they (the family) expect her to continue life as if it never happened. The family is far from normal and Ava, herself before this incident was not the most loving towards her family so you have hostile feeling towards each other and mixed feeling towards what happened to the child. Ava's and her husband go through what is typical of such an emotional event and you know and I know what can happpen as we have heard or read about such events, they seem to go through just about everything you can imagine. The whole family should seek counseling but it is Ava, everyone things is losing her mind as she thinks she hears and sees her missing son around the house. Again, this could be good but to me it is extremely slow and the few mystery items that popped up are repeated over and over again. I get it really, I understand the mystery....move on.I can't rate a book I did not finish so that is why I am not rating this book. Perhaps the rest of the book is good and the elements of writing pick up. For those of you who finished the book and liked it, congrats, I just could not do it.