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Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous - Andrew Klavan I was intrigued by the cover and the title so I picked up this book at the library. The story starts with Jennifer having a dream or is it really a dream according to Jennifer. The kids at school think she is "weird" because she talks in rhymes and about demons yet her world seems so real but no one will listen to what she has to say. To Sam, he has his own issues as a preacher's kid. He doesn't know when to backdown when confronted and that has ended him in a lot of hot-water but that is just Sam. This time around, Jeff wants Sam on his team and Sam likes the idea of having some guys to hang around but knows the consequences of hanging around these guys and he knows the trouble they cause. Can you say juvenile delinguents? When they start to tease Jennifer, Sam has to decide what to do. What happens next really gets this book rolling and I could not put the book down till I was finished. Jennifer and her visions were so creepy and the mystery behind them....so weird. You have to remember that Jennifer doesn't talk like you and me(she rhymes)so when she tries to tell others about her visions, it does come out like she is crazy. People, read between the lines!! But when things start happening, it gets you thinking what is really happening. Good clean, fast pace book with some violence!