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Send Me a Sign

Send Me a Sign - Tiffany Schmidt I absolutely loved this book!! Oh, where to start…..there’s so much drama, so many lies, romances, deceit, denial that I have to say this book is one of my favorites this year. So what is “the sign”? They are everywhere but they are telling Mia nothing. They are the four leaf clovers, the he loves me… he loves me not, the Magic Eight Ball, just to name a few. Life is going good for Mia the summer of her junior year: she’s popular, she’s smart and she is a cheerleader. What Mia didn’t expect was her diagnosis of cancer. Mia’s life is now turned upside down. She tries to keep this a secret which only leads to lies upon lies which alienate her from her friends. How can she explain her long absences while she takes her chemo treatments? Her weaken state? It’s an emotional battle as she tries to remain strong outward while her inner self is crumbling. She does draw strength from a male close friend Gyver who is a neighbor that she has been close with since elementary school. His promise to keep her diagnosis a secret brings their relationship closer but unfortunately this is only one-sided. Denial and more lies surface and the reader has to read between the lines to really understand the issues that Mia is truly facing. Mia’s parents handle the diagnosis in their own ways which only adds to the drama played out on the pages. There are times when you, the reader just wish someone could just get all the players together and straightened everything out. Mia’s really finds out what life is all about and what a definition of a friend is. A very powerful read! The book is fast-paced and I was so engaged while reading it. I cannot say enough about this book except keep a box of tissues handy, you just might need it.For mature readers as the book mentions sex and it does contain some swear words.