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Agenda 21

Agenda 21 - Glenn Beck, Harriet Parke I loved this book! It reminded me of the dismal life of The Hunger Game and the story telling of The Giver. There is no color in this book, everything is dark and there lies no hope. Or, at least the hope that I know and would want where I live. People have their duties and they abide by them because that is just the way things are done. There once was America but now there lies communities run by Authorities and life continues day in and day out. Do you walk the board, or are you a Gatekeeper, do you work the bus-box or any of the other jobs that keep the community in working condition. Emmeline lives in this community and hears the stories of life before the walls went up from her mother but one day the stories stop and Emmeline wishes she would have learned more. What happened to create such an automatic society and why is this society such a good thing? When Emmeline starts to mature, her responsibilities grow but her future is more than she can take.I was hooked immediately and couldn’t put this book down. It’s one of those books you want to yell at the main character to do something different and then feel sorry for her as her “real” world is finally revealed to her. Her innocence is sometimes just too raw but then under the circumstances you have to realize she knows no different. Definitely a great read!!