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Inheritance - Joe McKinney A cult, goats, zombies, wife beatings, and an apocalyptic future all in one book, I was not ready for this one. I really loved the cover of this book and the synopsis pulled me in and once I started reading I could not quit. Paul’s life was not an easy one growing up but now that he was passed that stage in life he thought he could move on but somehow his past was haunting him. He had a gorgeous wife and a great job on the police force and he thought he was headed in the right path but somehow he felt a pull in another direction. Hello Daddy! I believe this link to his father and the creepiness of that link is what kept me reading this book as I wanted to know how it would all go down in the end. I also enjoyed the author’s writing style and their way with words is excellent, to say the least. There was almost an element of precision, distinctness and mystery in their style which didn’t give the whole story away but led you on a chase. The chase to figure it out before the author wrote it out for you. I did think there were times I thought I was bored as I thought the speed of the events in the book was lacking and I thought “come on do something!”