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Breathe - I have mixed feeling about this book. There were parts that I loved about it and parts where I thought I was bored. I loved the idea behind the book. The government is regulating the amount of air the citizens are breathing and they live inside a bubble. It reminds me of Stephen Kings, The Dome. Outside the dome, this is where nothing can survive and that is where the outcasts live and you don’t want to go there or be put there because, your chances of survival are slim….according to the government. Everyone has to wears air masks and the government basically regulates how much air you are allowed. Don’t try to overexert yourself because you will use too much air and the government will wonder what you are up to. Talk about control! To take a trip outside the bubble (the Outlands) you will need your air mask too and don’t plan on staying long because you will run out of air but it is an adventure to see what the world was like before the takeover. Bea and Quinn plan a trip outside the bubble and just as they were approaching the gates, they are met by Alina and their plans are cast aside. Their little trip will take them on quite an adventure that they will never forget.