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Period 8

Period 8 - Chris Crutcher What??? I just finished Period.8 and the ending left me hanging. Come on, as the characters were finishing up their dialogue and I was finally putting all the pieces together I had my ending all wrapped up in my head and then Mr. Crutcher throws in some added pieces into the mix in the final pages and my nice little ending is all messed up. Nothing really wrong with that except for now, I have options to which I must decide what to do with. Ha, nice job Mr. Crutcher.Welcome to high school and welcome to Period 8. This is supposed to be a class where discussion is the norm. What do they discuss? Anything is possible and most everything is discussed- the sky is the limit. The teacher is Bruce Logsdon or Logs for short and he is a pretty laid back teacher. Pretty honest and open fellow and he will welcome you with open arms into his classroom. Just have to remember that what gets said in Period 8 stays in Period 8, period. Well, it is supposed to be that way. When things start to go wrong, the students in Period 8 realize they have a mess on their hands and need to take action. Hannah and Paulie are an item and when an incident occurs, they break up which affects the whole classroom. One action puts the whole ball into play or does it? The idea of having a classroom where the students come in just to talk sounds more like therapy but if you could make it work, that would be wonderful. If the students like the teacher and they have to be at school for that hour, I can see it happening and then the idea of having the talks stay within the classroom walls, if only that could work. So much is happening in this book with Virgin Mary disappearing and then reappearing, the relationship issues, the parent problems, Arney’s issues and then we add the ending, and this book is loaded. Mr. Crutcher tells it like it is and does not flowery- coat his words or add anything to take away from the true feeling of his characters. You feel the emotions and the power of his characters and that is why I like his writings. This book is for older YA readers as there is adult language and subject matter contained within.