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The Mockingbirds

The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney It’s a hard issue to deal with. There are people pointing fingers and many different accusations being tossed about but when it all comes down to it, there are only two people who really know the story. This issue in Daisy Whitney’s novel is date rape and the parties involved are Alex and Carter. Only Alex doesn’t quit remember the incident as she was drinking that night and her memory of the events are foggy. Carter, on the other hand, is quite proud of his accomplishments that night and before long, he is recanting his manhood to his buddies for he loves the attention. Alex, during her walk of shame back to her room, tries to piece together the previous night and shame and uncertainty invade her positive world. Unable to handle the turmoil within her, she confines in her friends and learns that there is a group called The Mockingbirds that just might be able to help her. Made up of students, they handle student issues and act like a judge and jury with no teacher involvement to help settle student issues on campus. If she decides to have The Mockingbirds take her case, Alex realizes more students will know of her situation which could mean more accusations and pressure but it could also open up the door for other students to step forward to stop this type of abuse. Alex needs to decide on her course of action. Where are the adults in all this? Alex is attending a boarding school called Themis Academy. Themis caters to elite students under the notion that their students do no wrong, they are perfect, they are angels for which the teachers follow this perception and ignore or shall I say, they fail to see the imperfections of their student body. Alex doesn’t want to tell her parents for fear she will be shipped home and Alex fears there will be other consequences if she tells other adults. Alex feels The Mockingbirds are her best defense. Will her peers be able to give her a fair trial and why is Carter not worried about the trial? As certain incidents trigger Alex’s memory and her recollection of the night with Carter come crashing back to her, will Alex have second thoughts about her date rape or will she stand proud of her fight to reclaim herself.I had a hard time getting sucked into the book at the beginning. It wasn’t until the middle of the book did I get wrapped up into it and I couldn’t put it down. Alex was a hard character to love, I thought she would/should have all these emotions but she was uneventful to me. For what she was going through, I anticipated her to have more emotions, to feel more, to be mad, to be confused, to just do something besides what was happening in the pages of the novel but she was just there. Just there. I know perhaps she might have felt numb but those moments where she was feeling bitter and uneasy, the writing did not release those emotions as well as I thought they should. The writing did not have the fire or the intensity as I thought it should. There was more writing about The Mockingbirds and the process they carry out then about her emotions, at least I thought. I did enjoy learning about The Mockingbirds and it was a great concept even though I thought the consequences for some of their trials were not harsh enough. I can say that I truly loved the relationships in the book. The relationships between Alex and her friends and how they tried to be there for her and The Mockingbird characters were terrific. I wanted more from Alex- that’s all I needed.“Sexual assault is sexual contact (not just intercourse) where one of the parties has not given of cannot give verbal consent, i.e., utters a clear “yes” to the action. If a person does not say “no” that does not mean he or she said “yes.” Silence does not equal consent. Silence could mean fear, confusion, inebriation. The only thing that means yes is yea. A lack of yes is a no.”For mature readers: language and sexual content.