Best Friends Through Eternity

Best Friends through Eternity - Sylvia McNicoll

Everyone makes mistakes and they live with them or they learn from them and most individuals move on. But the chance to have a do-over well, I myself would be pretty nervous going into that situation. Paige gets one week to have a do-over, one week to make everything okay. In that one week, Paige cannot let any of the other parties aware that she knows what their future holds or her time is up. She’s trying to get everything aligned so everything falls into place, but life is not like that, it just isn’t perfect.

I enjoyed reading how she discovers herself and the individuals around her. Her eyes were finally opened to see herself how she really was and who the people were around her. She was seeing life with her brights on. People were being honest with her and she was able to express herself to others freely finally and unfortunately this should have been happening her whole life.   The time limit aspect of her journey, cast a darkness over her agenda but it kept her focused on the task she set out to do. I got caught up in the writing of this novel, it just didn’t feel right to me. This wasn’t book I was expecting, but it had some finer moments.