The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken

I guess I am in the minority here as I didn’t think this book was fantastic. In all honestly, I think they could have cut out some of the pages and made it shorter and it would have been just as good and perhaps even more exciting. I think my main issue with this novel was that there was this excitement written in the language and I was just wasn’t feeling it myself. The words were screaming it but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So there are a group of kids that have special abilities that the government disperses off into camps. In camp, they label them different colors based on their abilities. Ruby is one of our main characters, one of the younger campers and she has no idea what her abilities are yet. You can tell she is special but she is a loner and she tends to want to stay that way. Ruby got on my nerves a lot as she tends to like to get things her own way, and I found myself screaming at her as she makes herself vulnerable around others, acting naïve and foolish. What is wrong with her? Why was she so senseless and clueless after everything that has happened so far in the novel? When Ruby and another kid are smuggled out of the camp, Ruby realizes that they are among the elite. Was there something else special about Ruby? Is this why she is worried so much about people viewing her as a monster.  This indecisiveness hung over me throughout the book I tended to like Zu, I think it was her spirit and her attitude. She was out there going with the flow. I don’t think I could have handled myself as free as Zu under the circumstances, but I think having her as my friend would have helped my stress level. I also like Liam, he had a great attitude and he made a good friend. Will I continue with the series, I think I will pass.