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The Other Wife

The Other Wife - Kathleen Irene Paterka

There were two devoted wives each raising their families with their husbands, each of the households content with the way their lives had shaped themselves. Living only forty miles from each other, they were unaware that one single event could destroy their happiness forever. For it was Richard’s sudden heart attack and ultimate death, that flipped their worlds upside down. What was Richard thinking when he walked into their lives? Who really was Richard and who was he really fooling? Eleanor thought that she knew her husband, after all she had been married to him for thirty-eight years and was the mother to his two children. After thirty-eight years, Eleanor assumed that Richard had the finances all in order so that she would be provided for but she soon realizes that was a huge mistake and Richard was harboring a dark secret. The life insurance policy that Eleanor thought would keep her financially secure had a new beneficiary to everyone’s surprise and this beneficiary has small children and amazingly, the same last name as Eleanor. Eleanor sure got a rude awakening as she is now trying to cope with the death of her husband, the reality of what her husband has been doing and now her financial security is gone. The new beneficiary has not taken the news of Richard’s death lightly. Their world has come crashing down also. They are dealing with some major issues and I am torn between who I feel more sorry for. How is this all going to play out? I want Richard to pay the price but he is not in the picture anymore. Once you get reading this book, you will not be able to eat, sleep or think about anything else readers, so plan on spending the rest of your day wrapped up inside this book. There are two families drawn into this drama while the chap Richard is ten-feet underground and they have to deal with the aftermath of his mess. The author draws you into the world of both the families and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this story. It was provoking and entertaining, highlighting my emotions and making me cheer for both sides. There are moments I laughed as mom tries to find work and then as her daughter arrives for the garage sale. My emotions were scrambled as she contemplates whether to confront the beneficiary and when she has her moments with Martha. This was truly a beauty, a marvelous story that will get you worked up.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.