Read Between The Lines

Read Between the Lines - Jo Knowles

It’s such a small world out there when I think about this novel, for in this novel it consists of personal stories by individuals who became connected some way or another. The story begins with Nate who gets his finger broken during gym. It’s his middle finger and Nate returning from the hospital, now flipping the bird at school which starts this series of stories. I am already broken, having read the story of Nate as he sat alone in the hospital waiting room as his father sat across the room until his name his called to be taken back for X-rays. His father disappears to his truck as the nurse walks Nate down to the emergency room and there is more to Nate’s story as they are all connected in this novel. It’s the single act of flipping the bird, its intention, its perception that flows throughout the novel. Dewey lives with his dad, their life at home is perfect, it’s as though they really are meant for each other. I was bored at first reading about their lives, they were too mundane and straightforward until I learned why and until others walked into their lives and then their lives became interesting.   Lacey, she’s trying really hard to find where she fits in. I think she’s trying too hard but then again, maybe she’s looking at the wrong people and the wrong opportunities. So many people are in her life, she needs to choose and choose them correctly.   There’s Dylan, I know Dylan. I’ve had to deal with many Dylan’s in my life and I’m glad he has the connections that he has. Some of the individuals in his life are toxic but he also has individuals in his life which are supportive and concerned about him, which he needs. I need to mention Keith, this story really shook me. The way he reacted to the event in his life was totally unexpected, he saw what was in front of him as an opportunity and that was not what I had expected. So many other individuals are mentioned and crossed paths in this novel, each touching on each other’s lives if only for a moment but creating something that can never be erased. It makes you think about whose lives you touch every day, those you know you do and those you mistakenly don’t realize.