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Necessary Lies

Necessary Lies - Diane Chamberlain

Jane has a heart and she is not afraid to follow it. Her heart is big and sometimes her heart doesn’t always follow the rules which can lead her into trouble but for Jane she feels it was all worth it because sometimes the rules need to be broken. Rules don’t fit all the people, all the time. Many of the women in the 1960’s were content to follow the pack and be content with what life gave them but not Jane, she wanted more, she wanted to make a difference even if she had to bend the rules. She thought when she married her husband, he liked her spunk and attitude but she later learns he wants to change Jane into one of the traditional wives which Jane wants just to be a part of. She doesn’t mind hanging out with these women but she wants something more to life now. She loves being out in the world, being a social worker, working among the people, being among all the different races, trying to make a difference for those less fortunate. There is conflict on the home front as her husband harasses her to stay home or get a different job working with different people. There are battles out in the field with her clients as Jane gets settled into her position and she realizes the situations that they are facing.   Jane dives right into her work and I love her strength and enthusiasm as she tries to address the issue and see the person for who they really are. They are not just clients nor are the people without an option, Jane gives them something to hold onto and sometimes what she gives them backfires on her and yet, she never let go. I’ve never heard about the Eugenics Sterilization Program but this novel opened my eye on how this program affected so many individuals. It’s amazing that that such power was administrated by people who should not have such rights, it is really sad.   Such a wonderful, dynamic book which packs a powerful punch.