I'll Meet You There

I'll Meet You There - Heather Demetrios

Sky has dreams of leaving her small town behind her; her future plans of college in San Francisco offer her a brighter future, pursuing her love of art. Josh’s dreams of being a soldier in the Marines hang in the balance after losing his leg in combat, he now finds himself back in his hometown contemplating his future. Previous acquaintances, these two young adults working side-by-side at the Paradise Motel, realize that life is a journey with struggles and successes. What appealed to me about this novel was the way the characters struggled with life. Sky felt responsible for her mother and she struggled within herself to let go of that responsibility and let her mother stand on her own two feet. Her mother, the emotions and attitude she had spoke volumes and yet Sky held on. I felt for Sky and I dreaded the outcome but such is life and how much a person can take and still hang on, depends on the person. I was glad that Sky and Josh had Marge, she didn’t have to say much but her presence was known. Josh struggled with his inner and outer appearances, I believe. I don’t need to say much about Josh as everyone knows how war can damage a person and Josh was no different.   Josh was in need, period. There were plenty of dances in the relationship between Sky and Josh, their variety filling the air, keeping the enjoyment and the excitement of the book moving, for I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.