The Good Sister

The Good Sister - Jamie Kain

Three Sisters is a novel about a family dealing with issues hopefully not too many families have to deal with.  Their older daughter Sarah is the golden child who has unfortunately been battling cancer for many years.  Their middle daughter Rachel feels neglected and their youngest daughter Asha, I feel, is the freest of them all.  There is this tension in the beginning of this novel, as the two youngest siblings prepare to attend the funeral of their older sister Sarah. Amazingly, Rachel comes off as judgmental and uptight while Asha’s feelings are carefree and flighty. Two totally opposite attitudes which had me wondering if there was some underlying issue(s) soon to be discovered.  I really liked Asha’s relaxed attitude, I wish I could be so stress free.  Rachel has a big chip on her shoulder but the more I read, the more I really liked Rachel.  By the time the novel was finished, she was the character, I admired the most.  Bitterness, yes.  Hard, yes.  Did she have a right to act the way she did, yes. Could she have been different, yes.  But that is Rachel.  Thinking about the title of the book, I wondered who actually would claim the title “Good Sister” and as I read and heard the voice of Sarah comes into the picture; I was torn between who would claim the crown.  As I was digging deeper into the novel, the voices were ringing out and the stories were getting told.  It was becoming clear exactly what occurred and the novel transformed into something much larger than what it originally started out from.  Although slow at the beginning, it turned into an adventure and quite an entertaining story that changed quite a few lives.