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Vote For Remi

Vote for Remi: A Novel - Leanna Lehman

Her vigor and spirit in the classroom has inspired her high school students to the extreme. While out on the town, Remi spots a video of herself on a local television screen, pronouncing her candidacy for president of the United States. With the intentions to withdraw after confronting her students on Monday morning, Remi finds herself in front of the camera after school, confirming her candidacy and stating her intentions to run although she knows her odds of winning are low. Remi believes that her battle for the presidency will be a great experience for her students and for the status quo. With her students behind her, Remi is a powerhouse and she knows she will be tackling some rough issues and some powerful people but she believes in what she is doing and she feels the American people will be behind her. Like most candidates, Remi is not immune from scandalous issues, her past is dragged through the mud and the media finds a few lies that they grabs onto and can’t let go of.   Yet, Remi knows her politics and she knows how to work the press. She’s strong and she’s honest and the people seem to like her. The news is important to her, it’s what real. Remi and her team of high school student can get the job done, it’s amazing the work these students can produce.   Unfortunately there are costs to such devotion and Remi is beginning to pay the price.

I liked the devotion that Remi’s students gave to her and her campaign. These high school students stood by her and supported her the whole way. Using their skills and talents they put in many long days and hours to help her try to achieve her goal. She motivated them in the classroom and now the tables are turned. There were times that life got too hard and the costs were too great that Remi wanted to quit but there was always something that pulled her back. Although she created her own party, she was not immune to the slander that follows campaigns yet Remi tries to see above it.   This novel also provides great information about the political process and how this process all fits together.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.