The After House by Michael Cash

The After House - Michael Phillip Cash

He was a greedy one, just one more whale and he could have more oil to take back to sell. But that one whale cost him… everything. He now haunts the house which he used to occupy with his wife and children. Over the years, people have moved in and out and now Eli is watching Remy and her daughter Olivia invade his homestead. Remy is a recent divorcee and is trying to start her life over with her child and with a new business. These new occupants are different as they can feel Eli’s presence. Little six-year old Olivia is not your typical child as she’s not afraid of Eli’s presence in the house. Her first response to Eli had me laughing and had Eli in pain as he was not expecting this child to have quite that effect on him. There are other spirits in the house besides Eli but they take second stage to Eli. Captain Eli in the beginning doesn’t care for these new occupants as they start to change things in his house but later he begins to feel responsible for Remy. A series of incidents at home and work rattle Remy. After confronting Eli, she questions his existence and he tells her about his predicament. He asks her to help him and I was disappointed in the means of this inquiry. Why didn’t he pick something more solid and sensible? It just didn’t seem like something Eli; the adventurous captain would lean towards. Will the answer the Remy provides be what Eli needs? I had to wonder what made Remy and Olivia so special that they could feel Eli. Who is to blame for the incidents that are surrounding Remy? And can this mother and daughter start a new life together with any spirits?

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Red Feather Publishing in exchange for an honest review