The MInnow by Diana Sweeney

The Minnow - Diana Sweeney

Such a calm and peaceful story, as Tom centers her life around the water. Her real name is Holly but they called her Tomboy, later shortening it to Tom. Tom lives with Bill in a boatshed. It’s sad but true but Bill thought she was a boy until one day when they were at the pool house dressing room when he notices that she was a girl. I know if Tom could turn back time, she would wish that they would never have set foot in the pool house that day. Pregnant now with Bill’s baby, their relationship will never be the same. With Bill being years older than her, she trusted him and later, this relationship is causing her heartache. She has lost her family for which she is still grieving, her relationship with Bill is estranged and she is now living with her friend Jonah. Her life has had many upsets and she’s still just a teen. What I enjoyed so much about this novel was the way Tom heads down to the lake or to the fish shop and she talks to the fishes or the other sea life that’s there. She has these intelligent conversations with them. It’s as though they are talking back to her and while conversing with them, Tom receives some inspiring insights from them. She has names for all of her friends and she doesn’t find these relationships strange, they are perfectly normal to her. I looked forward to her walks and her conversations. These talks were a big part of her life and meant a lot to her.   Tom also treasured her thesaurus and her dictionary. She purchased a pocket-size thesaurus and she would compare the words in the smaller version to the words in the larger one. She loved reading all the different words in the thesaurus. Tom found it amazing that there so many different words listed under just one word in the thesaurus and she would question some of those words. She would find a new word in the dictionary and she would try to incorporate that word in her vocabulary. Words were fun for her. I found that I am a lot like her in that way. I love the thesaurus and am always pushing it in my student’s faces. Words are fun and there are many words out there that are not being used and many words that are used too often. It only seems appropriate that Tom’s refers to her baby as Minnow and after her birth; this baby is wise beyond her years. Mother and daughter talks begin immediately between the two of them and although the baby can’t talk, Tom can hear her and this baby is very insightful. Tom and Jonah adjust their schedules for high school as the story deepens.

Some people may see Tom as a scatterbrain with her random thoughts but considering her situation, she just had a lot going on and she just threw everything out there. Relying on what she was comfortable with, she opened up and she found her answers maybe not how most people would go about doing it but she did the best she could. There was plenty of heartache and loss yet she moved forward and was determined to make the best of her situation by relying on herself and the support of those who loved her and wanted her to succeed. Great imagination on the part of the author in this coming of age story. Highly recommend this book.

I received this book from NetGalley and Text Publishing Company in exchange for an honest opinion.