Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward

Bleeding Earth - Kaitlin Ward

The earth is bleeding, yes bleeding. Blood is coming out of the ground, and it has scientist scrambling to find answers to why the earth has decided to unleash human blood upon itself. In the beginning it was just inches but within days the amount grows and it becomes disgusting as it begins to cause problems around the world. Just like any other major catastrophe, people panic and everyone has their theories. The religious sector start to scream their predictions, the president tries to calm his people and everyone is told that it is nothing major but when things don’t return to normal within days, things start to get out of hand very quickly. The excitement of this drama and the creep factor of the blood made a good match for this book and I didn’t put this novel down all afternoon. There was mixed feeling among the citizens, some believed that life would return to normal and then there were those who at the first sign of danger went into survival mode and started doing whatever they could think of; these individuals were serious about making it out alive. It’s bad enough that there was blood covering everything but soon there is human hair and bones mixed in the blood. Imagine walking around outside in that scenario, the mess and the stench that would follow you. Dwell on that thought for a while and you can imagine what these people are waking up to every morning and they were told to just deal with it? The characters in this novel are not only dealing these issues but also with family and relationship problems. Lea is worried that she will lose her partner Aracely, as they don’t spend enough time together. Aracely hasn’t yet told anyone that she is gay and she hides their relationship which worries Lea. Lea is told by her father when things get progressively worse to travel to his workplace where she will be safe. Trying to convince her mother to live their house, she notices that her mother is acting strangely; they don’t have much time to waste. What transpires next I was not ready for but it was exciting and great drama. I was not happy with the ending and that is why I reduced my star rating from a five star listing. The ending was too hooky for me, it was if a curtain was pulled back and we started another scene, like ta-da.   I can’t say more as I don’t want to ruin the book or someone else might like the ending, I just didn’t care for it and I really loved the rest of the book. This book immediately takes off and it leads you on an interesting adventure with great twists and turns, it was a brilliant piece of work.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Egmont USA in exchange for an honest review.