Speak by Laurie Anderson

Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson

It might have been the mood I was in or perhaps I was looking for something more, but I just didn’t get it. I thought this novel was boring and so drawn out. I had been saving it wanting to savor the moment when I could really enjoy it and then, as I was reading it, I thought perhaps I got the wrong book. I understood that she was depressed, she had experienced something no one should ever go through and here she was obsessed with trees, oh the trees. I just found that the book wasn’t for me. I didn’t expect a happy ending but there were parts of the book that just didn’t sit right with me. As she wanders through the school and Heather approaches her, it’s a lifeline being thrown out to her…….it’s something, a small line but nothing that will bring her back to reality. Yet when that line starts to ravel, Melinda wondering if she can savage any part of that line and whether it is worth it. I really had to give Heather credit for trying, and for speaking up to Melinda. She really told Melinda what she already knew but it takes a true friend to tell her the honest truth. I really had to wonder if any adult noticed Melinda’s behavior and whether they called her on it. I know it was a different time and place when this book was written but still I would think her behavior would have been noticed by someone. Great reviews by many individuals but not a book for me.