Joyride by Anna Banks

Joyride - Anna Banks

Arden is missing a piece of his life and he hopes to get it back with Carly. Carly just wants to fly under the radar but with Arden paying close attention to her, this is not happening. I liked the way these two opposites tried to sideswipe each other, each from different background and with different motives: I was just waiting to see who would wind up on top. Arden is a prankster and being a Sheriff’s son, he wasn’t worried about being caught. He had an accomplice, his sister but since her death he has been looking for someone who could fill her shoes. Arden has given up on a lot of things in life since his sister left him but pranking, it gives him joy. Carly, she lives with her brother and the two of them are saving very penny they can to bring their parents and siblings to the United States. No one knows they are living without their parents and its school and work for Carly most days. Arden convinces Carly to take time to relax and as she does, Carly realizes that there might be more to life than what she was previously doing. Harmless pranks start to turn careless and Arden has a cushion to fall back on while Carly is on her own. Arden’s father has been known to be prejudice and if the pranks don’t get her in trouble, her race might be all Arden’s father needs to make life for Carly and her family difficult. I enjoyed how the author takes you on the journey as the children try to save their family, their devotion and their struggle to become the adults in the family. The story reminded me of a fairy tale, as Carly didn’t want the attention, she was fine and content the way she was and in rode Arden showing her a different life, a life that she was missing. I just wanted a happily ever after in the end but as I read, I was nervous as the story started to wind down and it wasn’t what I was hoping for.   Patience, my child, we must allow time to work its magic.

I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley and Macmillian Children’s Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.