Denton's Little Deathdate by Lance Rubin

Denton Little's Deathdate - Lance Rubin

This book started quite a conversation on vacation with some people we just met. A conversation about death. It wasn’t a depressing conversation but an interesting chat that made everyone think about life in general. Let me just say that this book was very entertaining, fun and dynamic. The story is about death but the way the character deals with this subject was not what I expected. After reading the synopsis, I didn’t feel that I would be laughing while I read this novel, but I laughed a lot and I shared many parts of this book with my spouse as I thought this book was remarkable. This is definitely a book I will be rereading again.

Denton knows exactly the date he will be dying. His best friend will be dying a month after him.   Unfortunately his date is right before prom. Just thinking about the implications of knowing this date, would you want to know this yourself? How you will die exactly is not known but there is a procedure that most everyone follows for that day and there is a procedure for the day before your death. Following Denton through his procedures and then thinking about my own, it’s really hard for me to fathom this whole process.   Just like The Giver, it’s just the way it is for these individuals. It started to get fun when Denton finally realized he was going to die without doing many of the typical things teens do in life, many of their “first” things. Once a quiet boy, Denton realizes he doesn’t have much time left on Earth and he becomes this strong, determined outspoken person who was trapped inside his body. It’s like he is breaking out of his shell and the transformation, just brings smiles to my face as I think about it. Where was this boy, years ago when he could have been “living” life to his fullest when now he is counting the hours, minutes and seconds as they pass away?   It’s a wonderful, take-life-by-the-horns book that leaves you energized as you see Denton discover how important and precious his life really is.

I was given this a copy of this book from NetGalley and Random House Children’s in exchange for an honest opinion.