Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

White Dove, Black Raven - John Symonds

What an amazing journey these two families led. Their mothers ran an aerial flight show, entertaining spectators while causing quite a controversy in some regions.  Known as the Black Dove, White Minnow, these women allowed both black and white individuals to attend their performances which upset some folks. Delia wanted more for her child and thought Ethiopia would be free of the racial issues and that her child would not have to wait for the racial laws to be changed.   It seemed too good to be true, for it wasn’t long before talk of war erupted as they landed in Ethiopia. Their dreams of their children becoming the next Black Dove, White Minnow will have to go on the back burner as their security and harmony is now disrupted. The children take up drawing and creating stories of Black Dove, White Minnow in their notebooks, creating stories that are adventurous and thrilling, drawing upon the imagination of a child. They were leading such a fascinating life, taking life one day at a time, their stories so full of life why do things have to go sour? I was left shaken when one of the mother’s passes away and like the rest of the family; I had to wonder how things were going to work out. They were so close; this death left a huge hole on the survivors. Not wanting the children to take to the air and follow in their mother’s footsteps, the remaining parent prefers to keep the children close to her for fear of the unknown. Yet the war is drawing near and flying might be the only way to help them survive this crisis.


I was tired just reading about the journey these two ladies took with their children. As she narrates the journey, they meet countless individuals, take endless trips and have interesting encounters. Their children have lived a lifetime by the time they were in their teens. It was an entertaining, far-reaching novel and it made me realize how small my world really is.

I received this novel from NetGalley and Disney Book Club in exchange for an honest review.