Making the Moose Out of Life by Nicholas Oldland

Making the Moose Out of Life - Nicholas Oldland

Moose never acted like a moose and he knew he was missing out. Mediating, star gazing, internet searching and a few other means didn’t provide what he was searching for so he decides to set sail in hopes that a water adventure might be what he needs.   Washed up on the shore of a an island after a storm, Moose finds a tortoise and the two of them are faced with difficulties that allow Moose to find what he had been searching for. Moose found a life and he found himself on the island.   As a cruise ship sails by the island, Moose knows it is time that he leaves the island behind.   As he reunites with his friend’s beaver and bear, the three friends are happy to be back together. Moose was a changed animal back on the island but will his old friends like the new Moose?   I really enjoy the illustrations that accompany this text, so simple but they really tell the story. This author does a great job in simplify the information and telling the story so even small children can understand the story and I really enjoy this. The facial expressions and the actions of the animals are exceptional. Truly a wonderful book.