Nightbird by lAlice Hoffman

Nightbird - Alice Hoffman

The witch was back, the Witch of Sidwell and Twig’s mother had warned her to stay away but like most twelve-year old girls, Twig longs to have a friend, someone to have share secrets with, someone to read books with and someone to spend the lazy days of summer with. No one in the town knows Twig’s families deepest darkest secret and they preferred it that way. When Twig and her new friend start hanging out together, Twig fears that this friendship wouldn’t last very long but Julia decides they should become soul sisters and this seals their bond. Twig has walked around with her family’s secret on her shoulders for years and suddenly, Julia informs her one day that she knows of this secret which enlightens yet confuses Twig. This burden has been lifted and she feels enlightened that it has come from a true friend.  You can feel her self-confident rise in the reading. This secret needs to be resolved which involves both of the families and revolves around a two-hundred year old curse. The town of Siddell is cracking their own case which they feel involves a monster. With various citing, this monster has the town on edge and they feel his capture will end the mysterious disappearance of items around town, the unexplained appearance of feathers and hopefully explain the strange object in the sky.


I really enjoyed the character of Twig. She had the typical emotions and reactions of a twelve-year old girl. Secluded and withdrawn, she kept to herself and then when she meets Julia, she fears that she will be rejected once Julia knows everything about her so she just waits for that rejection. She doesn’t live in a fantasy world, she knows what it is like so she waits and she’s ready for the let down. Its Julia’s words about the soul sisters that trip up her thinking as she wasn’t ready for that comment from Julia. Their relationship grows into something very special. They were alike, yet so different and being soul sisters allowed Twig to see that they had a special bond and it was real. This special friendship and the curse brought these two girls closer together and made this book remarkable.  


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Random House Children’s Book in exchange for an honest opinion.