Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn

Within These Walls - Ania Ahlborn

This was his big break, or so he thought. His marriage was in shambles and his daughter needed a father because the one she had, lived for his job. This summer, he thought he could reclaim the parts of himself that was missing.   Alone with his daughter, he thought he could become the father that she needed while at the same time writing a bestselling novel, this would set him back on track. Wishful thinking on his part and naive in the way he handles the situation. Lucas travels with his daughter Vee to a new city to begin his new assignment. Setting up house with his daughter in a residence where a multiple homicide occurred years ago immediately has me on edge. Immediately, strange incidents and vibes occur as the father and daughter start to get familiar with their surroundings. There were stipulations on Lucas’s new novel and he struggles as he attempts to gain knowledge of this notorious criminal who is locked away in prison. As Lucas begins the writing process, he’s a bit soft to be writing such an intense book based on murder and power.   Lucas begins to understand when to play his cards. He slowly learns how to play people to get what he wants and how to man-up to show them actually who they are playing against. He’s really done it since moving into the house. He’s jeopardized his own child now. He’s brought his daughter into his work, it becomes a pressing issue. This house which they are now a part of has its own agenda and the past is now mixing with the present.   Every house has a past; they all contain the stories of the individuals whose lives have passed through their doors. But this house that they have become a part of, contains much more than just memories, it now contains a part of them.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.