It Was Me All Along

It Was Me All Along: A Memoir - Andie Mitchell

I saw Andie on a talk show as she talked about her memoir, a battle with food. I thought after watching her, I needed to read her book as her struggle sounded fascinating. Her mother used food as a distraction and it set the stage for her fight with food. It wasn’t until her doctor made a comment to her that if she kept her current lifestyle, she would weigh 300 lbs by the time she was 25 that she finally woke up to the reality around her.  This comment left her in tears. Grabbing a Sprite and some fries, it was finally time to discuss her future with her mother. This scene brought a smile to my face. Even when faced with horrible news, she reaches for food for comfort. This would be the first diet Andie would attempt to lose some weight in her life. Like many dieters, Andie has a setback and she falls off her diet. Instead of going back on the diet immediately, I smiled as I read that Andie fell back to her unhealthy ways and tries to hide her defeat. Most of her girlfriends don’t have a big issue with food but with Sabrina, they wear their “affection for food as a badge of honor.” As “eating big meant living big” and Andie feels comfortable and safe with Sabrina.

Andie again tries to another diet but she knows the road ahead will be rough so to pave her way, she loads up on her favorite junk food before starting the diet. I had to laugh as I read about her chowing down on all the snack foods. Visualizing her shoving them all in; it was amusing and an insightful moment. When she left for Italy, I was concerned. I kept thinking pasta, spaghetti and the sauces and how many calories she would consume while living there.   It was a brave move and I wondered about her willpower. Andie stubbles and she falls but she pulls herself back up and she tries again, she’s human. She’s looking for something positive to guide her and when she finds it, she knows she will stubble but she’ll get there eventually.