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Top Ten Clues You're Clueless

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless - Liz Czukas

I think Chloe and I could be great friends as we have so much in common. Her love for making lists blew me out of the water, as I am the queen of list making. I have lists and then sublists for my lists with post-its being my favorite means of notation as I can easily make additions to the bottom of my original list, making it longer or branching off into another list. Chloe had lists for everything: the people she saw, what she knew, her ideas, the things in her life, anything that was important to her, she put them into a list. I could relate with Chloe as she works in a grocery store, as I also had a part-time job there. Chloe likes to have fun at work and her job is important to her. My girlfriend and I reminisce about our years working at the grocery store, our “good ole’ days”. We’d laugh at the melon thumpers but we also knew there was a time and place for fun and games. It’s the holiday season and the donation box is getting lots of attention. Being one of the largest stores, the box should be busting at the seams but with the cameras rolling when the contents of the box is finally revealed what they find inside is not what they expected. Who wants to take the blame on this one? As the suspects are rounded up and the conversation circulates, they realize they are more alike than they thought. Chloe needs to be honest with the group and that honesty is a stepping stone for the friends.