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Winter at the Door by Sarah Graves

Winter at the Door: A Novel (Lizzie Snow) - Sarah Graves

This book had a little bit of everything in it but not a lot of fire under any of it to keep me going. There was a romance between Lizza and Dylan, her old boyfriend from Boston who showed up at her doorstep one day and then there’s Trey, the veterinarian who lived in Bearkill, Maine where she is now settled. Bearkill, yeah….. that sounds like a great mystery setting and the book had the plot to back it up but the wording and the pace just fell short for me. Lizza, a homicide copy, is hired as a deputy because the sheriff is suspicious about a string of deaths with ex-cops in the area. It’s a coincidence that Lizza has finally decided to search for her missing niece who was last seen in this remote part of Maine. There were some great funny moments as Lizza adapts to her small surrounding as she’s not used to the wildlife, the crimes, small-town living and this is a huge adjustment for her. Paddling a kayak, encountering a moose that spews vegetation across her truck and having everyone know her business are a few of the things that Lizza, the city girl, is not used to dealing with. The novel continues as other storylines get thrown into the mix and the story of her niece gets cast aside for a while. There seems to be too many pieces, too little emotion and not enough zeal in the characters for anyone to care what occurs. It wasn’t until the end when Missy started with her outbursts that the book started to erupt, thank you Missy. Her explosions saved the book, as the rest of the characters fizzled out.