After Us by Amber Hart

After Us (Before & After series, #2) - Amber Hart

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Before You as that book pulled at my emotions and I was gripped by the characters and their actions. I was so excited to get my hands on this book as I was ready for another intensive afternoon with Amber Hart. You don’t need to read the first book in the series to enjoy this second novel but to understand the relationships; I suggest that you start with the first book.


In this novel, Melissa is trying to move forward as Faith has left the country to pursue other dreams. It’s been hard since the incident with Diego but Melissa know that Faith must distance herself to heal and their phone conversations although short, are a constant reminder they are still connected. While at work, Melissa runs into Javier and her mind races. Memories of the times that they shared and what their future could bring add confusion yet comforting thoughts in Melissa’s mind. Melissa’s recent health condition plays a major role in her happiness now; it’s always a forerunner in the complete Melissa package. Javier cannot forget the past when his eyes see Melissa either. His attraction to her, yet his commitment to his Mi Mama add difficulty when he looks to his future. Javier also wants to seek revenge for his cousin, Diego but this act alone is detrimental to everything around him. Melissa wants to speak to Faith about these recent developments with Javier but until Faith can pick up her phone, the two friends are living two separate lives.


While I enjoyed the novel, it did not have the intensity that the first novel did. There were parts that were exciting and dramatic but I didn’t feel the passion like I did with the first book. Javier commitment to his Mi Mama was to be commended as he thinks so highly of his mother as the whole family tiptoes around this scared woman. Adding Melissa to the mix, her presence in the family, the way the author presented her was wonderfully done. Javier is so set on revenge that he almost misses the big picture. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book in this series.