Walk On the Wild Side by Nicholas Oldland

Walk on the Wild Side (Life in the Wild) - Nicholas Oldland, Nicholas Oldland

It’s a wonderful day to be outside so the three friends, bear, moose and beaver set off on a hike. Sitting down to rest, they thought about how to make their day of hiking more adventurous. Being competitive, their brains are working but Beavers idea to make it a race had them up and going. Over and under, up and down they went until a near incident left moose needing assistance. Dangling, moose cries for help. Bear bravely tries to help, by sadly ends up in the same predicament. Beaver’s quick thinking comes to the rescue and the three friends reflect upon their journey and reassess the remainder of their trip. For sometimes it’s not about the end result, it’s about the journey getting there.


There was something about the illustrations in this book that drew me to it. They were not busy but fun and eye-catching and the animals themselves were big and their leg movements were boxy, like soldiers and I just fell in love in them. Little comments in the story added humor to the storyline as the seriousness in the story leaped forward. At the beginning of the story, these animals presented themselves as competitive, they each wanted to win and they each had a difference of opinion which they thought mattered most but as the story progressed they changed. It’s a great storyline with terrific vocabulary words (dangling, descended, fearlessly, daring) that shows what true friendship is all about.

Thank you NetGalley and Kids Can Press for sharing this book title with me, this review is my own opinion.