Fox's Garden by Princesse Camcam

Fox's Garden (Stories Without Words) - Princesse Camcam

A book without words. I am an analyzer, I analyze everything around me, perhaps too much so when I look at a children’s book without words, I look at everything. This book is small so there is not much to address but I melted when I finished this book, I literally ahhhed when I closed this book. Mother fox is shooed away by others and it’s not until she makes her way into a greenhouse for the night that she finds comfort. A child, watching from a window, witnesses this event. Not being scared of the fox, he takes it upon himself to bring a basket of food to the fox before he settles down to sleep for the night. During the night, the fox and her newborn babies make their way out of the greenhouse and visit the child, bringing to him, presents. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up. The innocence of the child and the quietness of the scene is what I found most charming about this children’s book. The snow falling and yellow light glowing from inside the child’s house, there is this warmth cast over the light blue pages. The bareness of the landscape, the frigid temperatures cast their blanket on the landscape but inside the greenhouse, flowers are in bloom. Cast your own words at these pages, that is the author’s intention.