The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler

The Mad Apprentice (The Forbidden Library) - Django Wexler

Her world all changed when she walked into The Library. She has to let her imagination take over where fairies and dragons are now her reality. Talking cats and wizards are now her norm and for young Alice, living with her uncle this new lifestyle is just beginning of where her life is headed. She thought she saw her father speaking to a fairy right before he left on a trip, a trip he never survived but Alice thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. Now moving in with her uncle, inside his massive estate, Alice starts to investigate her new surroundings. As she slips inside The Library, it is like a maze with walls of books that she believes shifts when she is not looking. People and felines live inside the library, this whole library takes on a life of its own, and it becomes a tale by itself. Alice discovers she’s special, along with others just like her and the book takes off into this adventure of immense proportions. She’s brave and heroic and she must draw upon herself to survive.


This book really surprised me. Being a book in the children’s section, I wasn’t thinking that this book would hold the suspense and action as well as it did. The character of Alice was beautifully done, she was determined to find out what happened to her father, she questioned the fantasy aspect of the book, she was heroic and didn’t play the damsel in distress for being twelve-years old and yet she acted twelve in some ways. The story kept giving and giving, never letting up, casting you deeper and deeper into the novel until the final page. If you’re looking for a book with lots of adventures, twists and interesting characters, this is the one to read. Can’t wait to read book two.