The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

The Rule of Three - Eric Walters

It was one of those days I was glad it was -6 F outside and -30 F with the wind chill factored in, as my job got cancelled for the day and I got to cuddle with this book all afternoon and evening. With my fireplace blazing, the wind howling, I got up quickly to fix dinner but otherwise I was wrapped up inside the drama in The Rule of Three and what drama there was. The excitement began quickly with anything that is run with computers losing power. Cars, phones, computers, the world that we take for granted is in lockdown. Adam and his best friend Todd make it home with his sister only because Adam has a classic car which does not use a computer. Adam’s neighbor Herb wants Adam’s help immediately. They make a quick run to the store, this stop at the store puts a spin on the book, either this man has gone crazy or he knows something the rest of them don’t. Herb used to work for the government, which branch and his position is still a mystery but we do know he was an operative and this guy is valuable. He’s resourceful and he knows his stuff, I would want him as a neighbor and on my team any day. Using his radio, Herb has contact with the rest of the world whereas everyone else has to rely on word of mouth. Many people believe this crisis is short-term but as the days progress, things start to fall apart. Adam’s mother, the police captain, has her hands full as people start to turn against one another. Adam’s crush Lori lives on a farm which provides some valuable resources. This positive proposal does come with some harmful returns unfortunately. Some communities and neighborhoods start to build their own individual fortress. To survive they need to work together, combining their resources to build a small community within their walls and not build armies to fight each other.

I thought the writing was brilliant and engaging. I was immediately hooked and drawn into the story and seriously did not put the book down all day long. I was surprised that we did not hear much from Adam’s mother in the book. Being an authority figure, I thought she would be all over it, but it seemed that Herb was running the show. Herb’s mannerism and his take-charge attitude won me over. His demeanor started to sway towards the end of the book, so perhaps in book two his character will change. Todd changed and I liked his carefree attitude which he had at the beginning, I hope that he can find that again. I really can’t wait for book 2 as I want to know what happens!! This is why I don’t read series until the books are all out, I am not a patient person.