Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

Otto the Book Bear - Katie Cleminson

This story is simple, so simple is fact that is lovely. Otto is a little brown bear who lives in a book but when no one is around, he climbs out and reads his favorite stories, he explores the house, and he types his adventures on a typewriter. The family moves and the book that he lives in, is mistakenly left behind. Otto decides he must set off on an adventure. Trying to find a new home, Otto soon finds out that there is no place like home as each place he wanders to is either too this or too that until his eyes discover the public library. Inside he finds tons of books but he also discovers something else that he never imagined existed. His days and nights will never be the same again and Otto is one happy bear. This book will delight all readers and especially those with an imagination. The text is big and easy to read and the illustrations are simple enough that the story could be told just by looking at it. A great book for elementary readers.