We Are All in the Dumps With Jack and Guy by Maurice Sendak

We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy: Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures - Maurice Sendak

Why these? Why did the author choose these two nursery rhythms? I really had to analyze this book to fully understand the just of what was really happening. By just reading the nursery rhyme themselves, I was lost, but by putting the words together with the illustrations and the balloon captions I was finally able to put it all together. For a picture book, I thought this was way too much work. I saw the rhythm of the words but I just didn’t care for these nursery rhymes, they were so sad and who will really remember them? It started off with poor children living in a dump and these rats snatched their kittens and a young boy. Jack & Guy, two boys from the dump, yell at them and they end up playing bridge with the winner walking home the kittens and the boy. The kids get duped and they lose and the rats haul off the prizes. This story is quite creepy and bizarre. It’s depressing and the facial expressions on the kids are heartbreaking. The bright moon is watching silently in the sky and in the second nursery rhythm he comes into play as now the baby is “bit” and the moon gets angry and grabs Jack and Guy and he drops them close to where they have taken their prized possessions. They find the boy and Jack wants to hit him. Yes, you heard me right, he wants to hit him. The two nursery rhythms do go together and they do have a happy ending, but it’s the things that happen in the rhythms. Strange and not something, I think I would share with younger children. This would be a good book to use if you’re doing a project on nursery rhythms.   The rats were rather creepy and the kittens hanging by strings, the moon weeping, the kittens crying, and the baby being tied up. Each character was different, their distinctive feature so unique- I have to give the illustrator credit, they were a story themselves.