Hidden Like Anne Frank by Marcel Prins

Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of Survival - Marcel Prins, Peter Henk Steenhuis, Laura Watkinson, Watkinson Laura

There are fourteen true stories of survival from WWII in this novel, some of the stories are from individuals who were only three-years old at the time of this horrific event and others were teenagers, nevertheless they are all true accounts of survivors. I was amazed at the similarities of the stories; it seemed that most of the survivors were passed along to their relatives multiple times and that their names were changed often. Some individuals were shuffled around so frequently I almost forgot what their birth names were and they themselves were reluctant to say it even when liberation was at their front door. I was surprised at the tone of this book as there wasn’t much emotion, scary or traumatizing details in the stories. The narratives gave the facts, remarkable portrayal of facts of what occurred in their lives as the Nazi’s invaded their lives.   Some of the stories that I especially enjoyed was reading about a gentlemen who was bitter towards his parents for abandoning him when he was a child. His parents sent him off into hiding at a young age to save him and after reuniting with him after the liberation, he just couldn’t see past this resentment. I found this amazing. Even after all the stories that he has heard about the war, he still harbors these feelings towards his parents when all his parents were trying to do was to provide him a future. Then there was the story of Sieny who worked in the kindergarten which cared for newborns through older children. This was the holding area for the children who were on the way to the concentration camps while their parents were in a different area, as the children made too much noise for the soldiers. Sieny worked to move the children out secretly with the parents as the parents would not register all their children in the kindergarten. Sieny secretly talked to the parents about when they would be leaving the holding area and whether they would like to take their children with them. Sieny knew ahead of time when this time would come. Using baby dolls they could also fool the soldiers. Sieny and other individuals working alongside her saved many children. The means these individuals used to save these children while putting their own lives on the line was truly spectacular.