The Memory of an Elephant by Sophie Strady

The Memory of an Elephant: An Unforgettable Journey - Sophie Strady, Jean-Fran├žois Martin

I need this book for my very own. This humongous book is more than just a story about Marcel, this book is chucked full of wonderful information. Each page has wonderful facts pertaining to the story whether that is elephants, food, instruments, furniture, exotic animals, plants, sea life, or clothing. Sometimes there are pages that are totally dedicated to these educational truths offset with ideal illustrations like the page that is devoted to buildings and technology, this children’s book is a mini textbook of knowledge. Every page in this 37-page book is filled with information as you read along with the story of Marcel. Marcel, an old elephant, who has taken upon himself the task of writing down everything he has done in his life. Marcel begin his career playing in a band, traveling then on the sea when he grows tired of being on the stage, he then lands in Paris finding a job there. The story continues as Marcel talks about his journey and there is celebration in the end as each year we celebrate our special day.


It’s such a terrific book but I feel it is aimed for older reader or as a great read-a-loud for younger children as the words are difficult, words such as delectably, monumental, and tumultuous. I also think the amount of words and the facts that are presented are geared for older children or for children who can understand the text. Some younger readers might like all the additional facts while another child might find all these facts too overwhelming. What did I love besides all the educational truths? I loved the illustrations surrounding the story of Marcel. Marcel looks old and wise and this storybook makes his tale larger than life. I enjoyed the illustrations that accompanied the facts on the pages, they looked realistic and proportionate. I really enjoyed the different fonts and the font sizes, this made reading the text fun and entertaining. What I didn’t like, I will have to take this book back to the library and order a copy for myself. Now….. did you know that elephants don’t like bees? Did you know that an elephant’s trunk weighs more than 290 lbs? Have you ever heard of a giraffe piano, they were very popular in the 19th century? And the firecrest bird weighs as much as a teaspoon of sugar! I have to stop….I could go on forever. This book is golden.