Mobile Library: a Novel by David Whitehouse

Mobile Library: A Novel - David Whitehouse

There was something about the author’s writing that captivated me. His attention to detail and his sharp sentences drew me in as they made more aware of the story and to the characters whose lives were changing because the circumstances that they were facing. It was quite a feat to start the story with the ending and then retell the situation leading up to that point. There was this suspense, this desire to know what caused these events to occur and as I read, I hoped that the author had supplemented his ending in the final chapters.   Twelve-year old Bobby kept an archive for his mother, just hoping that one day when she returned, everything would go back to how it was. He catalogued everything, and I mean everything. In his archives, he could draw things that he saw, he would keep found receipts, he would record numbers of items that he saw or the amount of steps he takes or any other number that he counts that seems significant to him, and he even collects hair. His archive is a collection of many things. He works on this daily and only his best friend Sunny knows about his archive. The dedication and love that Bobby puts forth into this book, blows me away, I am heartbroken just reading about it. It’s his tie to his mother who has moved out; it’s his connection to her. It is his hope that someday she will return and she can look through his book and reconnect with him and life will be good- no time will be lost.  His attention to the smallest of details: this book just tore at me. Bobby’s relationship with Sunny…. these two boys, I loved them! Sunny wanted to be Bobby’s protector, no matter what. They had me laughing and later, shaking my head at the tactics that these two boys conspire together. Sunny’s Wile E. Coyote circle tunnel had me in stitches and his cyborg idea, priceless. When Rosa and Vi entered the picture, I knew a special relationship was going to transpired but not like the one the book played out. There’s nothing complicated about it, they’re real, they support each other, it was so simple. It was heartwarming and emotional to get wrapped up inside their story all the while they were traveling inside the mobile library. It was a remarkable journey.

I want to thank Scribner and NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book. This review is my own honest opinion.  I read this a couple month's ago but waited to post the review until closer to the book's release.