Trouble by Non Pratt

Trouble - Non Pratt

Please don’t judge this book by its cover otherwise you will never know how great this book really is. I really felt by the time I closed the book, I knew more about Aaron and Hannah than I know about some of my friends. In this short year, we laughed, we cried and we experienced things that transformed our lives. I had a few OMG moments that I had to close the book, taking deep breathes just to calm myself as I thought, no way that just cannot be. There were moments, I walked in Hannah’s shoes, I knew exactly the way she felt and I knew if I could survive than she could to, perhaps in not the same means but a survivor just the same.

Aaron is new to the high school, and he ends up in the right social crowd, quickly climbing to the top of the ladder. He’s running from his past but that’s a secret he’s not willing to share. Hannah is popular but she also has a reputation. The cool people hang out at the park, drinking, socializing and meeting up. Hannah finds out she is pregnant and being 15, the news spreads quickly via social media and in school. I am outraged at how this all began and progressed, how others quickly reacted to Hannah’s future. Hannah realizes now that she is alone; no longer part of the group, she is by herself. Hannah has a great relationship with her grandma who helps her cope and I loved how this relationship continued throughout the book. Her parents are there, it’s just hard telling them now. Aaron hears the comments people are saying about Hannah and he wants to help Hannah, he feels this is his duty. Both of them need someone, a friend, a shoulder to lean on which in the beginning seems to work out but sometimes when the truth comes out, it hurts and it’s too much to bear.

Aaron builds a relationship with Neville at the nursing home that he visits. Neville, this cocky soul was priceless. He had stories to tell about his life and about life in general, that I just waited for Aaron to visit the nursing home for I loved this old man. He held nothing back, his words lashing out with everything he wanted to tell, waiting for Aaron to lighten his own load for this old man would tell no one. As the story progressed and Aaron stops in at the bar wearing Neville’s jacket, my tears are forming. There is no holding back; his drunken stage has unleashed something in me, a release of my own. There is something to be said for friendship and commitment, just how real are they?