Boys Like You by Juliana Stone

Boys Like You - Juliana Stone

They’re like two peas in a pod. Monroe and Nathan, two teens with enough baggage on their shoulders they can hardly stand up.  Monroe is sent to her grandmother’s house for a change of scenery, for perhaps her flimsy attitude will change over the summer. Then there’s Nathan, the burden that he carries he cannot run from. Everyday there are reminders of the trauma that Nathan wishes he could rewind but he cannot do time travel so he must face the facts. Monroe is candid and outspoken yet she’s not going to reveal her confidential secret that she’s carrying. She’s seen the therapists, she’s done what they’ve asked and the counseling sessions have long been over and still Monroe is sealed tight like a bottle. Preferring the comfort of herself, Monroe get’s fidgety when she’s around others as she doesn’t like the drama and the foolishness that can accompany that. Monroe is like a shield, she stood her ground and there was something about this character that I was drawn to. Was this hard-shell of a girl really soft inside? Her relationship with her grandmother made me believe that there was a softer side of Monroe; she just needed someone to help her emerge. This secret that she was keeping, I wondered just had awful it really was compared to how terrible she was making herself feel. Nathan, he was a mess and everyone sees it. The two of them hit it off but unable to vocalize their thoughts, the teens have barriers to overcome. I enjoyed this part of the story as the characters struggled within themselves and with each other on moving forward. The author paints for us an internal picture of the teens dancing around each other, not speaking openly to each other at first, their communications stalled until one of them makes a move. They have steps to take for the past is over and future is yet to be written. The story gets emotions and tense, the characters reaching out yet slowing retreating afraid of revealing too much. It’s a wonderful story about friendship, love and family.