Little White Lies by Katie Dale

Little White Lies - Katie Dale

Within minutes, there is a mystery that surrounds the scene being played out within the pages of this book. Although Lou claimed to be new to the area, it is the way that the males look upon her; an appearance as though they had met before. We know nothing of Lou’s previous life and the circumstances surrounding her arrival, and it’s this impression, this idea coupled with the way that Lou is acting that seems so puzzling. It’s as though Lou is moving forward, trying to put her past behind her and I wanted to know why. What was she hiding and what is her story? What I can tell you though is that Katie Dale can write with ease and conviction. The natural flow of the conversations and the way I felt when I read this book, I cannot describe. It just felt so natural and effortless. One of the highest achievements I feel a writer can have is to have the reader feel as if they are not reading the words on the page but to feel as if they are just listening with their mind as they feel the words come to life before them. Katie does this beautifully with a story with lots of twists and interesting turns. Her story runs deep with characters that have their own story but are reluctant to share. What a great book to start off 2015.