Love and Other Foreign Words

Love and Other Foreign Words - Erin McCahan

I saw myself in Josie, the way that her brain was always thinking, always over-processing the information that came her way. I don’t know why I can’t take things at face-value, why I seem to over-analyze the things that come my way but that’s just seems to be the way that I am. As I read about Josie, I laughed at her unpredictable behavior as it appeared to be so extreme for a fifteen-year old, she was funny and upbeat, and I just never knew what she might come up with. Her off-the-wall topics just flew off her tongue and I loved it. She seemed so focused on getting her sister Maggie to break up with her fiancé Geoff, I wasn’t sure if she was going to be successful or not. Josie is sure Maggie can do better as Josie finds Geoff’s first impression annoying and she’s not impressed with the guy. As Josie tries to talk to her sister about how she feels, Maggie is sure Josie would change her mind, if only she knew what love is all about.   But would love change Josie’s mind? Talking with her friends Stu and Sophie, the question of love is analyzed and they both offer great insight but it’s Josie who needs to make up her own mind. Balancing high school and college, she has the individuals and the means at her disposal; it was whether if she can actually see what is happening and admits it. The novel wasn’t as exciting as I hoped it to be, it was good but just not a five star read liked I visualized.