The Same Sky by Amanda Ward

The Same Sky: A Novel - Amanda Eyre Ward

It’s about dreams, it’s about hope and it’s about determination. After reading The Same Sky, I had to take a moment and think about the journeys these characters took in their lives, their resilience and their willpower. For Alice, it may seem that she is living the dream with a supportive husband, successful business and plenty of friends but what she is missing is a child. Unable to conceive, the couple has tried countless means to resolve this issue without success. In the back of her mind, a void is there yet to see her with her positive attitude and energy you wouldn’t know that her heart is heavy. We also get to know Carla who tore at my heartstrings. Her mother lives in the U.S. and sends money back to Carla and other family members who live in Honduras. As I read this, I immediately had mixed feelings as how could a mother leave her child behind and go so far away. Yet her mother sends them money, calls and provides hope to them, I am torn over this relationship immediately. Carla’s world start to explode and she wants her mother and feels it’s time to escape to the U.S. with her brother. The anxiety of leaving and the stress of the unfamiliar are taxing on both Carla and me, as I read the words as Carla attempts her escape. Being a female and now having to rely on others, these days on the road provide an experience more horrific than she imagined. The journey these women take and how they immerge into one; it’s all about not giving up your dream, it’s about having heart and strength to survive. Told in alternating chapters, this captivating story showed me inside the lives of these two amazing woman. I kept waiting to see where the stories would emerge into one and it wasn’t until the end which surprised me, but I thought it was perfect for this book.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Random House in exchange for an honest opinion.