The Snow Child

The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey

Poor Mabel.....all she wanted was to be alone with her husband. When he suggested the Alaskan frontier, she knew this area was way outside her comfort zone but again all she wanted was to be alone with Jack. When an accident leaves Jack laying by their hearth unable to move, Mable rides their horse two hours into town only to discover their town has no doctor. The nearest doctor is a train ride away. Mabel's reaction sparked laughter from me, this city girl lost in the wilderness. "What?" You must be joking? Isn't this a town, for God's sake?" This quiet woman has found her voice. The clerk suggests a liquid in a brown bottle and perhaps some moonshine from the man down the street to take the edge off Jack's pain. You can imagine Mabel's reaction. Just hope Jack can handle her decision. 


I'm a bit like Mabel, I'm a city girl, living in Iowa and I'm still learning the ways of farming.