Crazy by Linda Phillips

CRAZY - Linda Vigen Phillips

Her mother, once an artist, hung one of her paintings on the kitchen wall for all to admire. Yet now, this once lively lady just rocks and stares, for at this time she has transformed herself into another human being. Her mother is the “crazy one”. Laura pushes her mother to resume painting and at her persistence, her mother picks up the brush and she is inspired momentarily. Then she’s gone, more lost to the world of the unknown then before, so lost she’s sent away and a burden is placed on Laura’s shoulders. Laura, an artist also, picks up her brush to escape the issues around her. The kids at school question Laura about her art and her mother, those two hot subjects forever on their lips. Written in verse, the sentence structure and the fragmented lines create a rhythm as you read this novel. There is this attention to the drama as you read the text line-by-line, highlighting the emotions and energy in the events being played out in Laura’s life. Pages quickly fly by with many great passages and phrases. You can’t stop the flow, the rhythm quickly becomes embedded within you and I had difficulty finding a place to stop and place my bookmark. Laura is frightened of her own future which is feels could be based on her families past; this fear creates an uprising within Laura.   Laura’s open with her feelings and she bold, she is just looking for the answers.